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We run a selection of classes right through from beginners to competition classes throughout the week.

We sometimes have spaces for dogs and handlers who have already done agility, please contact us to enquire about availability.

The agility classes are suitable for everyone from first-time dog owners to competitive handlers

and they range from 'just for fun', Improvers & Competition training. 

Whatever your or your dog's ability our training is about having fun with your dog and our

approach is to create a happy mutual partnership between you & your dog. 

All evening training classes are held in an indoor riding school near Chichester, West Sussex. 

This provides a safe environment and surface for the dogs and handlers in all weathers.


  • Friendly and informal classes. 

  • One to One tuition is also available

  • Our Instructors are experienced in competitive agility. 

  • The club was established over fourteen years ago and still has many of it’s original members.

  • We are fully insured.

  • For the safety of you and your dog we do not use flimsy 'pet shop' kit, all our equipment conforms to Kennel Club specifications which is manufactured by the main UK supplier's (as used at Crufts). 


Introduction to the foundation skills and exercises required for agility without any high impact training and  we will also cover useful foundation exercises & homework. 

Our training is NOT obstacle training where dogs are taught by following the handler around a course on a lead. Most of our training will be off-lead so to get the most out of the classes your dog should be be willing to work for 'toy's or/and treats and require a basic level of obedience: how to 'wait' and a 'reasonable recall' (further training/advice will be given). 

What we aim to teach in class:

  1. Using shaping & reward to teach ‘new behaviours'

  2. How to teach a ‘happy wait’

  3. Teaching your dog to focus forward.

  4. Directional commands

  5. Following body movement (shadow handling)

  6. Basic handling techniques

  7. Confidence on different surfaces

  8. Impulse control (working around other dogs)

  9. Foot placement, working on ground poles (body awareness)

  10. Teaching a ‘target behaviour’ for future contact training

Classes are suitable for all dog's from 8+ months and after the first course you can continue with training as our classes are booked on a 'rolling term' basis. 

We can offer 1-2-1 training for dogs under 8 months to help with foundation skills.

Training your dog for agility is an ever evolving process and your dog will continue to experience new challenges every week.

Please see our FAQ's page for further information

Young Dog info: I am often asked why we do not jump young dogs and pups, an informative article about growth plates and over exercise in young dogs & pups by 'puppy culture usa' and can be found [here]

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