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Hoopers is fun, its unique and offers lots of challenges. 

This minimal impact dog sport originated in the USA and has spread rapidly to Europe and the UK. 

Originally developed as an alternative to agility it includes many foundation skills for agility and makes a great activity for retired agility dogs.

The two activities work very well together and our agility foundation class will now incorporate hoopers to teach the basic skills for agility classes. Hoopers requires the dog to run at a distance from the handler and the courses are designed to be free flowing without any sharp turns, the obstacles used are: hoops, short tunnels and barrels which are all ground level obstacles which makes it suitable for dogs of all ages (6+months), breeds and dogs that are restricted to low impact activity.

Sorry but we do not have any classes available at the moment. 

1-2-1 Hoopers sessions are available on Thursday afternoons.

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