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We offer group classes for adult and young dogs (6 month+) who have not attended any formal training classes.

The course will cover:

Self-control/Impulse-control: leaving things when asked.

Basic Manners: walking nicely on the lead, no jumping up, door manners, etc.

Recall: coming back when called

Cues: sit, down, wait, settle.

Handling for easier grooming/vet visits

Classes are suitable for puppies from 6+ months and adult dogs

who have no previous formal training.

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Classes are suitable for dogs who have covered basic training (as listed above) the course will continue with your dog’s education.

The course will cover

Further work on the basics and adding in distractions.

Emergency stop

Recall with distractions

Drop it/Leave it

Classes are suitable for puppies from 6+ months and adult dogs who have attended classes (either with us or elesewhere) which have covered behaviours as listed on our ‘Life Skills 1’ Course.


This course will continue to work with the some of the items covered in the life skills classes and introduce some fun exercises to keep your dog engaged and techniques to be more interesting on a walk.

Some of the things we cover will also help you and your dog if you would like to try agility or hoopers with your dog.

Balance, sendaway, co-ordination, perch work, wobble boards,

cone work, left & right cues.

For our training classes, dogs should be OK with people (nervous is fine) and they should

be non-reactive towards other dogs in class. 

We are happy to work with an ‘I need space’ dog but if your dog is likely to disrupt classes with any form of

aggressive behaviour towards people or dogs then we highly recommend you contact us to see how we can help.


If you are unable to make a regular class, or have a dog who finds a class situation difficult or becomes

stressed around other dogs then one to one training is also available.  

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