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Waverunners are proud to support "Agility Wheels".

Member Pauline Angus was born with a rare condition which rendered her a

permanent wheelchair user. Her wheelchair was not designed for muddy fields & agility so had seen better days, so we set about fundraising for a new 4x4 wheelchair which will allow Pauline much more freedom to enjoy all the activities she does with her dogs whatever the weather & ground are like. 

Kennel Club Agility Win For Pauline Angus & Dash

Yay...we did it !

The target (£12,500) was reached in September 2015, so after 19 months of fundraising Pauline will be four wheel driven by the end of the year. A large proportion of the money raised was from the agility community, what an amazing achievement!

Well done everyone, a special thank-you to Andrea for making the udder toys and helping me organise the events and to Lynne, Lydia, Jackie & Michaela who have worked all day at all the fundraising events they attended and put up with me bossing them around! and Billy who only joined us for the last few events but he worked his little socks off. 

Thank-you to everyone who pitched in and helped on our fundraising stands 

where they could and for all the donations of raffle prizes, money, udder washing, etc. 

Waverunners Agility Club raising
Agility Wheels presentation at Agility Show
Final Target for Agility Fundraising Reached
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