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What is dog agility?

Dog Agility training is such fun, it enables you to provide a release for the energy of your dog.

It helps your dog to be alert and responsive and also helps you have an obedient dog.

Participating in agility is an exciting way to spend time with your dog and is great fun!

Your dog does not have to compete and many of our long standing club members enjoy their regular weekly classes just for fun, fitness & wellbeing, it is a great activity for both handlers and dogs.

Although agility training does require your dog to be fit & healthy our training will suit handlers of all ages and mobility.

If you decide that Agility is a suitable activity for you and your dog, your next step is to receive some training.

Our training is reward based and suitable for all breeds of dog. Check out our FAQ's page

and if you would like to view our classes you are very welcome, please contact me first to check availability. 

Waverunners is a long established agility training club based near Chichester, West Sussex. We are fully insured, use safe KC approved equipment and have experienced instructors.


Dog Agility was first introduced to the UK at Crufts 1978 and the structure of the competition has not changed very much over the years. 

A dog competition, where the animal's fitness and the handler's ability to train and direct the dog over and through certain obstacles are tested. 

It is fast, furious and a great favourite with competitors and spectators alike.

Chichester Dog Agility Classes
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