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Nicky & Milo - 10th Oct 2013-26th August 2017

Nicky & Milo start the year with a Grade 4 Agility win taking them to Grade 5. They win the UKA Tollers Trophy, and received The 2016 G1/2 Toller Agility League Winners Trophy & Milo adds AW (B) to his name. May sees an agility win, June a Jumping win and then Nicky takes some time out from agility as Milo does not seem himself. Back to normal with nothing found to be wrong by the vets he gains some good places and in July is just pipped into 2nd place again by 0.19th of a second, so close to his last win for Grade 6. However things changed again and sadly one month later Milo became poorly again, this time he did not bounce back, more tests, booked to see a specialist, but it was not to be, and after a short illness he was diagnosed with terminal cancer just shy of his 4th birthday. Milo was Nicky's first dog and her first agility dog; they whizzed through the grades together and he packed a huge amount into what was sadly a short life but he has given Nicky some amazing memories, run free, run fast, Milo.

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Judy & Taz

Judy & Taz win out of Grade 3, followed by 3 more wins in Grade 4, so finish the season in Grade 5.

Natalie & Milo

Natalie & Milo, win out of Grade 1 in Jan, during the year wins follow in Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 & finish theseason in Grade 5. They also Qualify for The 2018 Starters Final & Win The 'club member's best Gundog award' in memory of his namesake; Nicky's Toller 'Milo' .

Bob & Zola

Bob & Zola had an amazing year; 4 jumping wins in grade 3, they then went on to win 2 Agility and 3 jumping classes at Grade 4, and won out with an Agility win at Nedlo. Then 3 Agility and 4 jumping wins, followed by 2 more jumping and an Agility wins within 24hrs at FAB KC in Grade 5, move them into Grade 6. They end the season with a jumping win in Grade 6. 

Pauline & Dash

Pauline & Dash get 4th place at Southdowns show and Qualify for The Starters 2018 Final.

Denise & Tinka

Denise & Tinka win out of Grade 3, Grade 4 and now have 2 wins towards Grade 6 and have achieved AW (S).

Sarah & Misty

Sarah & Misty get their first win at their first show (the club show) in Grade 2 Agility, so into Grade 3.

Ande & Bunty

Bunty qualified for two champ finals, and was placed 5th and 8th. Won several classes at Fab shows plus a final. She also had 3 Grade 7 wins and 3 wins at Uka.

Anna & Autumn

Anna & Autumn Win 4 x 1st places at unaffiliated shows, then at the club's KC Open show they get a 2nd in G1-3 agility and 3rd G1-2 agility. 

Philippa & Max

Philippa & Max Win Agility at Chipping Norton to win into Grade 4, then at Bridge House an Agility win takes them to Grade 5, they added 2 more Jumping wins and 2 x 2nd & 2 x 3rds at Grade 5, before they finished the season.

Jenny & Dora

Jenny & Dora join the club while living in West Sussex for work. They win into Grade 3 and Qualify for The 2018 Starters Final, before heading back to Essex.

Beryl & Gruff

Beryl & Gruff Win The Pachesham winter league, win up to Novice Performance UKA. They also win The Rescue League finals G4/5 and The Fab newbie jumping final. In KC, they have wins in both Agility & Jumping during the season & Gruff also has enough points for his AW (B).

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Sheila & Jet

Sheila & Jet win into G4 and Q for Royal Canin Final, at their first G4 show have another win, so finish the season in Grade 5

Sue & Willow

Sue & Willow, after lots of close calls they get their final win for Grade 7 at Thames and into Champ. They continue the season with  1st in both jumping classes at Sherborne, a G7 jumping win & 2nd in Agility at Nedlo. A 3rd in G7 at KCIF and a clear in their first Champ Agility round. 


Paula & Ziggy

Paula & Ziggy win an Agility Class so now into Grade 2, they also had some great results including a 2nd & 3rd in Agility at the club show.

Ande & Jonty

Jonty wins into Grade 4 & Grade 5, Qualifies for The Novice Cup semi, The Animal Health final, The Agility Secrets Jumping Cup & and won 2 Fab finals. More wins in Grade 5 and he ends the season in Grade 6. He also added some wins at UKA & 3 Agility classes at Fab.

Julie & Bruce

Julie & Bruce have several wins in Jumping and then get an Agility win to take them into Grade 2

Kim & Monty

Kim & Monty place 2nd in Jumping then win another Jumping class at the club KC open show.

Val, Freddie & Barney

Barney achieved a second place in 3 shows and a 4th in one show. (Jumping seems to be his thing!) Freddie achieved a second in agility so all in all, a great start for 2 newbies.

Susan & Solo

Susan & Solo win 2 classes at the club show to go into Grade 2, followed by an agility win a few weeks later and winning into Grade 3

Zilla, Beryl & Rachael

Zilla Qualifies for The Crufts team with Beryl & Wins into UKA senior & KC Grade 6 with Rachael. He also wins the kelluki winter series G4-7 medium dog for 3rd consecutive year.

Michaela & Chilli

Michaela & Chilli have numerous 2nd places and move into Grade 4 on points.

Lydia & Flynn

Lydia & Flynn get their final win to G7 & into Champ

Charles & Skye

Start the season by winning into Grade 2, followed by Grade 3 and end the season by winning into Grade 4 and also moved into UKA Champ in Steeplechase.

Sue & Basil

Sue & Basil win win into Grade 5.

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