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Sue & Willow

Sue & Willow, 2018 saw them get their highest Champ placing to date - an amazing 7th! But the highlight of the year was being placed 5th in the British Open at KCI. Sue entered but had no idea how it worked!  But 3 clear rounds later and they are heading to Crufts 2019.

Thank you Karen for all your help and for putting up with me, and thank you Willow for being my Super Star, Sue x

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Natalie & Milo

Natalie & Milo Won into Grade 6

and win The Agility Club Starter Finals

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Bob & Zola

Bob & Zola win into Grade 7, Qualify for The Blenheim Stakes...

Judy & Taz

Judy & Taz had 3 agility wins & 1 Jumping win in Grade 5, to go to Grade 6.

In September she qualified for the UKA Performance Challenge final.

Since going up to Grade 6 she has had 4 second places and 3 wins towards Grade 7.

Taz also attained her

Agility Warrant Silver.

Susan & Solo

Susan & Solo had two second places

in Grade 3, one being at the agility club

show in July.

Finally in September he managed to get that elusive win to go grade 4 then had two further agility wins and a jumping win over the following next two weekends.

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Ande & Jonty

Ande & Jonty  get their final wins into Grade 7 and have been chosen to be in the IFCS British team.


Bruce WCS Dog Training Emsworth
Julie & Bruce

Julie & Bruce win into Grade 3

Ian & Monty

Ian & Monty win out of Grade 1

Alex & Rascal

Alex & Rascal win out of Grade 1

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Sarah & Misty

Sarah & Misty

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Val & Barney

Val & Barney win into Grade 4

Sue & Mabel

Sue & Mabel win into Grade 2 and then another Win puts them in Grade 3.

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