All of our dog training is reward based and you will need to bring along toys and/or tit-bits to motivate your dog in class. 

You are welcome to come and visit the club to see if what we offer is suitable for you and your dog. Advice is always available to help with your training.

This will give you the chance to see our training methods and speak to other members. FAQs can be found here

If you are interested in joining please click here to check our current courses or contact Karen on 07974 946238 or email to check the availability of classes or to go on the waiting list

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Agility classes are suitable for everyone from first-time dog owners to competitive handlers and they range from 'just for fun', Improvers and Competition training. Whatever your or your dog's ability our agility training is about having fun with your dog, our puppy & beginners classes work towards your dog being 'off-lead' from your first lesson and our approach is to create a happy mutual partnership between you & your dog. 

  • Friendly and informal classes. 

  • Our Instructors are experienced in competitive agility. 

  • The club was established over fifteen years ago.

  • We are fully insured.

  • For the safety of you and your dog we do not use flimsy 'pet shop' kit, all our agility equipment conforms to Kennel Club specifications which is manufactured by the main UK supplier's (as used at Crufts). 

Beginners Agility courses are held on Monday evenings, they are very popular

To pre register for the next course please click here



Our Obedience classes are suitable for dogs from the age of 4 months+ and are also suitable for re-homed or rescue dogs. 

Bringing your dog to classes will help you learn how to communicate clearly what you want by the use of reward based training.

This will strengthen the bond of trust between you and build a confident happy dog that enjoys working with you.

Classes - No classes available at this time. 

1-2-1 Sessions are available

Puppy Training Waverunners Agility

Hoopers is fun, its unique and offers lots of challenges. This minimal impact dog sport originated in the USA and has spread rapidly to Europe and the UK. Originally developed as an alternative to agility it includes many foundation skills for agility and makes a great activity for retired agility dogs.

The two activities work very well together and our agility foundation class will now incorporate hoopers to teach the basic skills for agility classes. Hoopers requires the dog to run at a distance from the handler and the courses are designed to be free flowing without any sharp turns, the obstacles used are: hoops, short tunnels and barrels which are all ground level obstacles which makes it suitable for dogs

of all ages (6+months), breeds and dogs that are restricted to low impact activity.

Classes - No classes available at this time. 

1-2-1 Sessions are available.

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